Pedigree Holly


Longshadow Angel of Hearts

blue-merle w/c

Fantasia´s Blu Moon Rising           blue-merle  w/c

CH Fantasia´s Denim & Diamonds blue-merle w/c

HOF CH Fantasia´s Heart-breaker

Gingerbred´s Felony Seduction

CH Fantasia´s The Kats Meow  red-merle  w/c

CH Fantasia´s Razzamataz

CH Briarbrooks Cherra Red Ruffles

Little Lupie Longshadow   red-tri  w/c

Gambler´s Bunkhouse Rusty red-tri w/c

Katasita´s Gambling Fool

Rubys Bunkhouse Hopper

MCTyire´s Gracie Mae blue-merle  w/c

L&L Waters Sparkie

Crosscreek Razie Taze

Northbay Summit Talk the Talk

black-tri w/c

CH Heatherhill Shock N Awe

black-tri w/c

HOF CH Heatherhill Black-N-Decker      black-tri w/c

HOF CH Brigadoon´s California Dude

HOF CH Ophra Winfree of Heatherhill

CH Heatherhill Take a Chance on me black-tri w/c

CH Heatherhill Grand Marshall

HOF CH Ophra Winfree of Heatherhill

CH Northbay´s Look Who´s Talkin

blue-merle w/c

Northbaywestridgebrass Kmotion red-tri  w/c

HOF CH Blue Isle Dancin on Fayblehill

Northbay´s Bewitched in Brass

Northbay Xquisite blue-merle  w/c

Inverness Just in Case

Northbay Treasure The Moment

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